Mr Redley

Mr. Redley is a selector from North London who melds the eclectic rhythms of the UK’s Electronic dance music scene with the deep and soulful sounds of Black America’s House and Industrial Techno movements. He presents on Rinse FM as a weekly resident.

Mr. Redley’s love of music came from studying music at a young age. During his time studying in Manchester he honed his DJing on the club scene which helped his musical stylings become further refined. He has played shows worldwide, from Belgium and Croatia all the way over to South Korea. His love and commitment to the black musical community is furthered and backed by his venture Black Wine Club, where he aims to open up wine to new audiences via music.

He is currently working on a number of tracks with his first release being on Tee Mango’s Super Unknown label, a sound he describes as “London to Detroit”.

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