Described as “spiritual… versatile…smooth, sweet and very different”, no-one has yet to sum up the unique sound of Cymande in one simple word or phrase. Nyah-Rock, Afro-Rock, even Calypso Rock have been used to categorise their music, but Cymande is just simply Cymande. Formed over 40 years ago by Steve Scipio and Patrick Patterson, the band was made up of nine self-taught Caribbean born, London based musician/singers:

Steve Scipio (Bass, vocals)

Sam Kelly (Drums)

Pablo Gonsales (Percussion, vocals)

Joey Dee, Ray King & Jimmy Lindsay (Vocals)

Patrick Patterson (Guitar, vocals)

Mike Rose (Sax, flute, percussion)

Derek Gibbs (Alto sax)

Peter Serreo & Desmond Atwell (Tenor saxes)

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