Colin Curtis

Colin Curtis has been in and around the black music scene for over 50 years, be it playing, reviewing or purveying the music in all its guises i.e jazz, soul, funk, house et al. Renowned for the numerous residencies he has established in many UK cities from Manchester Birmingham Nottingham Blackpool and beyond.Colin has been there and done that and quite rightly deserves the moniker of the Godfather of UK Dj’s.He has recently completed three Jazz Dance Fusion albums for Dave Lee’s Z Records. and has his own Colin Curtis Presents Record label Plus a Weekly Jazz Dance Fusion Show originating on Worldwide FM. . He Dj’s Regularly all over the UK We Out Here Festival, Southport Weekender, Love Supreme Festival ,Freesylin’ Manchester, Jazz Rooms Brighton, Blackpool International Soul Festival, Blackpool Tower, Vybe, Shiftless Shuffle, Dingwalls and many more

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