By attending We Out Here you are joining our worldwide family.

It is so important to us as a festival, that everyone who joins us this week feels part our community and feels comfortable in all aspects of the event.

To achieve a truly inclusive festival and community, we work hard to deliver and promote respect, patience, and empathy for all and take into consideration the needs and feelings of all festival goers and staff. We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse or harassment of all kinds and are particularly focussed on preventing sexual violence and harassment and all violence against women and non-binary people.

We pride ourselves on creating an environment where everyone with a passion for incredible music and club culture can belong, and we ask you to extend that to your fellow festival-goer.

Look out for one another, don’t be a passive bystander and help us make We Out Here a safe, positive & supportive community.

The safety and wellbeing of our guests has always been a top priority, and if at any point you feel unsafe, uncomfortable, unhappy or stressed in a situation, our team is fully trained to support you. We have undergone training with Safer Spaces to identify & respond to Sexual Violence and Harassment and we encourage you to reach out to a member of staff should you need support or safety or if you want to make a report to the police.

Likewise, if you see anyone in discomfort, please alert a member of staff and we can assist.

We strive to deliver a person led and consent-based approach to the support we provide and this will determine how we respond to different incidents. Behaviour we deem as disrespectful or disruptive to this community will result in: education, eviction or police involvement, dependent on the nature of the incident, but more importantly on the wishes and needs of the person that has experienced harm.

Behaviours include:

  • Unwanted physical contact and advances
  • Verbal or physical harassment
  • Physical, mental or emotional abuse

Our Welfare Tent is available for anyone in need of a space to sit, talk, or take a time out, signposted and located in the Main Arena next to Medical.

The ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme is also operational in all of our bars. This means that you can approach any member of the bar staff if you are made to feel unsafe or uncomfortable and ‘Ask for Angela’ and the bar staff will know to support you to get out of the situation and offer ongoing resources until you feel safe. This could be calling for security, if you identify someone out that has caused you harm or made you feel unsafe, or supporting you to access a safe space and a member of our welfare and safeguarding team.

You are never alone at We Out Here, our team is here to provide you the safety and support you need at any point during the show, and we ask that you be part of the solution by being active & pro-social bystanders.

Together we will ensure that every person feels comfortable and safe to enjoy the festival.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us 

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