We are delighted to be returning for our third year at Grange Farm.

We offer Local Residents discounted tickets by way of thanks for your continued support.

You will find some useful information about the festival below.

You can also contact the festival directly

In addition, we work with your local Parish Councils (Abbots Ripton, Kings Ripton, Woodwalton, Upwood and the Ravelys, and Broughton Parish Councils) to distribute more detailed information relevant to local residents, including invitations to Local Residents Meetings at key stages in our planning process.

Who is considered a Local Resident?

    All residents of the following listed areas are eligible for a discounted 'Local Resident Ticket' to be purchased in advance of the event:

    • Abbots Ripton
    • Kings Ripton
    • Woodwalton
    • Wennington
    • Broughton
    • Little Ravely
    • Great Ravely
      • Every ticket holder must provide proof of address and matching photographic identification, corresponding to your ticket, on arrival to the festival Box Office.

      Local Residents Tickets

      Local Residents ticket link will be distributed via letter drop to eligible households within 1 month of the event.

      Local Residents Tickets will allow holders access to the 4 days of the event and a free car parking pass.

      Tickets will be £60 for those 15 years and up.

      Tickets will be free for those under 15 years of age.

      We Out Here is a family friendly festival and welcomes all ages. However, we do require that all children tickets (under 18 years) are purchased with an adult ticket (18+ years). We request that all under 18s are accompanied by the adult their ticket was purchased with at the Box Office on arrival. We request that all under 18s are accompanied by a responsible Adult aged 21+ who will be attending for the duration of the festival.

      There are no limits to the number of tickets per household. However, every ticket holder must provide proof of address and matching photographic ID on arrival to the festival.

      Revenue raised from the residents tickets will be used in part to bolster the charitable donations made annually in line with contributions from those on the guestlist and in part contribute towards an in house campaign to make the event accessible for those most underrepresented at music festivals.

      The Event Terms and Conditions are listed here.

      Acceptable forms of ID are listed here.

      Festival Entry for Local Residents

      If you are coming to site, you will need to follow the road signs for the festival to enter via the main festival entrance ( and you will be directed to park up and enter the festival via the Box Office at the Main Gate.

      Gate opening times are listed here.

      Bridleway Closures

      As per the 2021 event, we have applied to Highways for a TTRO to close the bridleways that run through the site while the event is live from 25 – 28 August 2022. During the Build and De-rig, these will remain open but managed.

      Impacted footpaths (8,15,16 and 11) are illustrated as closures and diversion routes for each outlined on the map below. Signage will be installed to ensure affected dates, routes and diversions are clear.

      Footpath Closures - We Out Here Festival

      Key Dates

      We Out Here festival production will be moving into Grange Farm from 11 August 2022, and moving out by 6 September 2022.

      We Out Here festival customer arrivals will be spread across Thursday 25th and Friday 25th August, and departures across Sunday 28th August and Monday 29th August.

      Licensed entertainment will cease no later than midnight on Thursday and Sunday, and 04:00 on Saturday (Friday night / Saturday morning) and Sunday (Saturday night / Sunday morning).

      How to Contact Us

      For general queries, local residents can contact the festival all year round via We will reply within 7 working days.

      Contact We Out Here Festival

      How to contact us when the show is live:

      • A Local Residents Hotline will be manned 24 hours from AM of Thursday 25th August to PM of Monday 29th August. A contact phone number will be confirmed in advance of the event and updated here.
      • Noise-specific feedback can also be provided online via our new portal. A link will be confirmed in advance of the event and updated here. All submissions to the portal, associated actions and responses will be available online in real-time to Huntingdonshire District Council.
      • Contact We Out Here Festival
      • For anything not requiring an immediate response, local residents can email, however please note that this is not suitable for reporting of time sensitive issues as there may be delays in receiving your email.
      • Contact We Out Here Festival

      If you live in Abbots Ripton, Kings Ripton, Woodwalton, Wennington, Broughton, Little Ravely and Great Ravely, we will drop a letter through your door within a month of the event start date to confirm the link for your tickets and contact details for us during the show.