Todd Edwards

House Legend and Grammy Award Winner Todd Edwards has had a stellar musical career spanning over 25 years.

Very early in his career, Todd developed a unique way of utilising sampling, particularly vocals, and would often use this technique instead of a musical instrument in his productions. This hypnotic collage of cut-up samples over swung beats and lively disco-flavoured baselines helped set him apart from many of his peers. It resulted in him being credited as one of the godfathers of UK Garage, being referred to as Todd ‘The God’ Edwards amongst fans. A succession of releases followed over the years, cementing the admiration fans and producers alike have for Todd, each track highlighting his unique production style.
In addition to his own legendary productions, Todd has remixed artists like PhoenixWileyJusticeMatthew DearHot ChipWilkinsonKlaxonsJess Glynne & Jax JonesSt. GermainMella DeeMJ ColeOliver Heldens & countless others. Perhaps best known, though, for his collaborations with Daft Punk on both the albums Discovery where he co-produced and performed vocals on the song ‘Face to Face’ & his work on the track ‘Fragments of Time’ from the album Random Access Memories where he again provided vocals, which led to him earning a Grammy award for album of the year.
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