Sean Johnston

From mountain scaler to highly respected purveyor of the finest music money can’t buy, professional beat-raconteur and upstanding member of the disco dance music community, Mr Sean Johnston creates ethereal sonic landscapes both in his productions and behind the decks of any dancefloor. DJ’ing since his formative years in the frozen Northern reaches of Yorkshire Johnston has been many things; Acid-House Veteran, Techno Survivor, Alpinist, Hardway Bros and Freelance Disco Consultant but it is his recent production work and now legendary club night that he has best become known for the world over. From the early 90’s institution that was Sabresonic (also releasing on the label) to Disco Bloodbath, Sean has played at many of London’s landmark clubs. He also plays regularly at Berlin’s premier underground venue Salon Zur Wilden Renate, festivals in French castles and the Dalmatian coast, as well as across the whole breadth of this fine aural landscape we live in

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