Ruby Savage

Ruby Savage

Since moving from her hometown Amsterdam to London in 2007, Ruby Savage has worked behind the counter at Honest Jon’s Records and managed record label Sounds Signature, where she also created the Wildheart Recordings sister label. Much of Brownswood Recordings’ recent success has been down to her stewardship as label manager (2016-20) while solo exploits have taken her to the dance floor with her In Flames post-punk disco party, a monthly on NTS and bopping through the booth of a large number of London’s most respected clubs, including Oval Space, Phonox, XOYO, Pickle Factory, Giant Steps and Village Underground.

Ruby’s personal journey in music started during childhood with an instant love for soul and reggae music. As a teen Hip Hop became the focus, and the samples lead her to the depths of funk, boogie, dub and house music. Always looking for the best parties and music scenes, moving to London introduced her to church-like dances and pirate radio.

Low lights, solid subs and sweaty peoples that come to dance, have fun and shake off any ’n’ all bad juju so to get back in sync with themselves and each other...perhaps even create their own community. That’s the kind of dance Ruby lives for.