Maurice Fulton

Maurice Fulton

Maverick production genius Maurice Fulton is a man of few words, who is more inclined to let his music do the talking. We know for certain that he comes from Baltimore in the USA and has been DJing since his early teens. Starting on Hip-hop and then moving on to House and Garage at various residencies across the US he played under his nickname DR Scratch.

Maurice began playing organ in church and drums in high school. So when he put his talent to making music it wasn’t long before he was using his skills to produce tracks with The Basement Boys and Ultra Naté. His most famous work was heard on Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters, one of the most successful house tunes of the early ‘90s.

Maurice Fulton is one of house music’s true originals and his enviable back catalogue will live long in a modern world of disposable downloads.