Kai Alce

There is a certain type of artist that transcends generational and artistic boundaries, that channels their experiences while simultaneously fostering an environment for others to thrive. Kai Alcé is a prime example. Born in New York, some of his earliest musical influences included his mother’s penchant for soca music and the distinct Caribbean rhythms of his culture. An appreciation of Jazz would be further guided by his father’s expanding audiophile home system. Moving to Detroit in 1980, the start of the decade where Techno would take formation, put him at the center of music history as the Belleville Three and their contemporaries molded house into the new sound, while simultaneously working at the now famed nightclub “The Music Institute”

Relocating to Atlanta, GA for school he took it upon himself to bring more of the authentic House and Techno flavor to his new home, playing at numerous clubs and bars in the metro area. Eventually this led to DEEP, his aptly-named, game changing decade long Saturday night residency at local club MJQ, where would bring guests such as King Britt, Steve “Silk” Hurley, Peven Everett, Kerri Chandler, Phil Asher and Joe Claussell.

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