Jehst is one of the UK’s leading Hip Hop artists. Growing up in both the South East and North West of England, the self-styled High Plains Drifter has a unique perspective on life in the UK. His music reflects this, which has earned him the respect of a loyal fan-base both sides of the North-South divide.

After establishing the Young N Restless crew along with Fools I View (now Eighteen18) and school friends Passive Resistance (NmonicTaharka and Nexus 6) during his teenage years in Huddersfield, he re-located to London in 1998. He made his vinyl debut the following year with the highly acclaimed “Premonitions” EP, launching the self-financed YNR Productions label from his University halls of residence.

Jehst began collaborating with other artists on the label, contributing both production and guest vocals to subsequent releases from Nmonic, Tommy Evans and Evil Ed. His profile was further raised when he put in an appearance on Task Force’s “Voice of the Great Outdoors” EP released on Low Life records in 2000, before dropping his second solo outing on the same label the following year. Entitled “The High Plains Drifter“, this four track (plus skits & instrumentals) EP delivered a range of musical moods and lyrical content.

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