DJ Marky

DJ Marky is a veritable superstar DJ in his homeland Brasil. Based in Sao Paulo, the clubbing and dance music capital of Brasil, Marky is well established as one of Brazil’s biggest DJs and producer talents.

DJ Marky began making a name for himself in the early 90’s pioneering the sounds of UK Drum & Bass/Jungle, appealing to lovers of dance music of all styles for his sheer artistry on a pair of Technics 1210’s. In 94/95 Jungle became popular in Brasil and DJ Marky emerged as one of Brasil’s leading DJs of this new exciting scene.

He is undoubtedly one of the most exciting DJs to emerge in the drum & bass world in the last few years. With his phenomenal technical skills and Brazilian flair, his enthusiasm and dedication and the effort he puts into his sets he has impressed clubbers and music industry alike. As V recordings label boss Bryan Gee said of his discovery: DJ Marky is one of the biggest talents I’ve seen for years!

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