Children of Zeus

Children of Zeus are a soul/hip hop group from two of Manchester’s most respected artists Konny Kon & Tyler Daley. With both being recognised MCs and beatmakers in their own right, the music they make is a reference/ reflection and a nod to the music of their childhood influences and their taste for timeless sounds. Best known for their soulful approach, their COLORS video has garnered a loyal international fanbase for lovers of future classic soul music.

Tyler Daley, previously known as Hoodman, a producer, soul singer and rapper is a man of many talents alongside Konny Kon whose skills as a DJ , producer and rapper allow them to provide honest self deprecating views of life and love, lending to the universal accessibility for Children of Zeus.

Children of Zeus came to break the trend and bring a soulful music to the forefront which was felt with the introduction of ‘Story So Far’ and repeated with ‘Travel Light’ providing a much needed continuation Manchester’s rich musical history. Working with the likes of sometime collaborator Beat Butcha (Jay Z, Westside Gunn, Beyoncé, Sza etc) on their latest project ‘Balance’ Children of Zeus have built up a solid fan base and reputation for a serious live show.

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