Carista is more than a DJ. The Utrecht native has also captivated the world with her talents as a music producer and curator. She has the sensational ability to take listeners on intriguing journeys, effortlessly weaving through genres, she ignites smiles and the desire to dance.

Her raw energy and soul-stirring selections have been showcased at her monthly show on London-based online community radio station NTS and dance-floors worldwide. She has already played countless prestigious venues and festivals in the world such as Fabric, Nitsa, DeSchool, Lofi, Lowlands, Dekmantel, Pitch in Melbourne, Australia and AVA in Belfast, Ireland we are sure that Carista is well on her way to becoming a household name. She has turned the heads of music lovers and taste makers as her BBCRadio1EssentialMix was nominated for 2020’s Mix of the Year and was followed by a stellar 6 month residency at the station in 2021. Whilst ensuring to remain in touch with her fan base during these challenging past few years, she continues to make significant contributions to the music community by being herself at all times.

Her label and platform UnitedIdentities, has been instrumental in her journey to curate and share music. A few years ago on her mission to connect like-minded lovers of contemporary music, Carista initiated the club night and music label. In the process she engaged with many yet unfamiliar and surprising local artists as she remains to keep an honest interest and kindness to everyone she meets.

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