Bryan Gee

Bryan Gee is, without a doubt, one of the most respected people in drum ‘n’ bass. From the early days of rave to the present, he’s been an ever-present authority and tastemaker, with an untestably deep collection of dubplates and grandmaster-level A&R skills.


His career trajectory is as unique as those one-away exclusive dubs on his USB stick. Starting out in the seventies as a reggae soundsystem selector in his native Cheltenham, he eventually made his way to Brixton where he formed a deejaying partnership with Jumpin Jack Frost. As a champion of the emerging acid house sound, Bryan became well-known as a man with his finger on the pulse, earning him a job pushing the new rave-orientated music for the Rhythm King offshoot label Outer Rhythm.


This experience learning the ropes of running a label set him on the path to musical majesty. As jungle took over from hardcore, Bryan Gee linked up with Roni Size and Krust and an DnB institution was born, distinguished by that iconic sun-face logo and christened with the letter V.


That “Bristol Sound” style of jungle drum ‘n’ bass that Bryan helped bring to the public went on to rack up awards, international success and critical acclaim, as well as inspiring a whole new generation of artists. No wonder many current A-list producers credit those tunes as their introduction to the possibilities of this music.


Continuing to spread musical inspiration to an ever-wider audience via his Bassdrive radio show and his V Recordings podcast, Bryan’s attention to quality control has become a trademark.


After all, even as his family of labels expanded to include Chronic, Philly Blunt, and Liquid V, the standards have never dropped. Even just a list of the artists who’ve released with them tells quite a tale. We’re talking names like Dillinja, Ray Keith, Adam F, Ed Rush & Optical, Marky, Peshay, Die, Clipz, Suv, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Break, Voltage, Bladerunner…it’s a legacy that can’t be disputed.


No surprise, then, that a Bryan Gee deejay set is peppered with never-before-heard dubs that drop like tactical nukes in a dance, as anyone who witnessed his immediately-classic set at Andy C’s Wembley all-nighter will testify.


Decades-deep in the evolving landscape of British underground music, and now exclusively available to book via Urban Agency, the champion selector Bryan Gee is at the top of his game and still rising.

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