Alex Intas

Alex Intas

More comfortable out of the limelight, Alex Intas is perhaps most noted for his extensive work behind the scenes. Collaborating with the likes of mentor Gilles Peterson across his Worldwide and Brownswood empire, Crown Ruler, Red Bull Music Academy, Stamp The Wax and co-running notorious Brisbane party A Love Supreme for many years, Alex has played a significant role in pushing niche music both within Australia and across the world.

Appreciated by many as a true student of the culture, with formidable understanding and discernment across everything from post-bop jazz to future-bending electronica. His insight and tasteful selections can be heard monthly on his Worldwide FM programme. However it is his latest foray, Love High, that acts as an outlet for his self-acknowledged soft spot and perhaps most proficient music obsession. A certified soul boy at heart, Alex references a childhood home filled with the sounds of Luther Vandross & Anita Baker as the starting point. A sucker for the musical marriage of a “funky bottom and a pretty top” as he describes, Love High is unashamedly informed by a slicker underground soul of the 80s and 90s made by silky voices, synth-bass lines and machine rhythms. Alex is recognised for digging deep and championing lost r&b obscurities and slept-on dollar bin pearls that kiss quiet storm, new jack swing, street soul, g-funk and boogie. Already he has gained a humble following of some of the world’s most authoritative music lovers. With a reissue imprint, dance party and more mixes on the way, Alex is humbly motivated by exposing a less celebrated sound within digging circles, one he is most passionate about. Expect the toughest soft jams and smoothed-out steppers as late night dancers glide away while the skyline glistens.