Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle was born in Rio de Janeiro on September 14th, 1943. He was raised on a staple diet of classical, Brazilian popular music and North American jazz. Marcos grew up to be one of the most influential musicians (guitar, piano and vocals) of the Bossa Nova period.

His 4th for Far Out Recordings, was the long awaited ‘Estática’ released in September 2010. It has been described as Marcos Valle’s ‘finest work since he hooked up with Far Out Recordings over 15 years ago, essential summer listening’ - Echoes Magazine.

That was until he released 'Sempre' in June 2019, almost a decade on from Estatica, Sempre updates Marcos Valle’s seminal boogie-era sound, spanning ecstatic disco, cosmic samba, and late-night jazz-funk, drawing obvious comparisons to some of Valle’s late-seventies and early-eighties output. “Guaranteed summer floor-fillers” - MOJO