Minimising the environmental impact of We Out Here is a core focus for the whole team. Please help us keep the land beautiful and this event sustainable with the following guidelines…

What can I do to minimise my environmental impact at the festival?  
  • We have partnered with TunedInTravel – a carbon neutral coach company. Please consider this and other public transport options before driving. Customer travel has the largest impact on the events carbon emissions. If public transport isn’t a viable option we encourage festival-goers to arrange car-pools where possible.
  • If you plan on driving and have any spare seats to offer out, or if you are looking to jump in a fellow festival goer’s spare seat, please register for an account with for easy, organised car-pooling.
  • Please bring a reusable bottle to be refilled at available water stations on site. At We Out Here we have a no single use plastics and no glass policy; reusable metal bottles will be on sale at our merchandise stands and on site bars will stock water in aluminium cans.
  • Please do not bring glitter to the site with you. It’s always great to sparkle at festivals but not at the cost of micro plastic damage to our oceans and wider environment.
  • Pack thoughtfully before your journey; consider excess packaging and minimise what you bring – leaving anything you don’t need at home – in order to reduce waste and make leaving no trace easier for everyone.


What are we doing to reduce our environmental impact?
  • Danley sound systems are some of the greenest sound systems available, taking up approximately ¼ of trucking space and power requirements (vs. standard line array systems) due to their efficiency. Danley speakers also maximise use of both recycled materials and rare earth materials in manufacturing.
  • We will be holding our food and drink concessions to the same standards with reusable cups used across all bars on site. No straws, plastic cutlery, polystyrene or any other single use plastics will be permitted on site in any capacity.
  • Our bars and concessions will offer a number of vegan and other products chosen for their sustainability.
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