Dear beautiful eyes and smiles. As you might know, each year we ask you to share your feedback of the festival; what you enjoyed the most, alongside any changes you would make.

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts: these opinions form an integral part of our event planning, we do more of what you like, and implement as many common improvements as we can. Again, thank you for your input, it really helps us shape the festival with you in mind. 

Today, we are pleased to share 6 action points that we have committed to improve your festival experience – here’s what you can expect from We Out Here 2023…

1. Affordable Food

We are in communication with all of this year’s food-traders discussing a dedicated affordable meal option (for £5-7), as well as a providing child-meal options.

These traders will be highlighted in advance of the festival, and there will be signage helping you find them at meal times.

Once again, there will be no limit to the amount of food you can bring into the campsite.

2. Programming

We loved reading all your ideas for musical requests at We Out Here, and what you’d like to see. We have such a wide-spanning music-loving crowd, and this was reflected in your answers!

But by far, the most popular request for this year was more Drum & Bass and Jungle, and we have happily obliged on that front. We are very excited this year for takeovers from Metalheadz, V Recordings and Rupture, platforming some of the biggest names on the scene.

We look forward to hearing more ideas on who you want to see in future years! 

3. Chillout Spaces

We Out Here is a festival for all music-lovers, and we appreciate the need for more relaxed spaces/alternative night time venues.

We are pleased to introduce a new space for this year: The Blue Moon Cafe, a dedicated chillout space located in the campsite, which will offer hot drinks, and a comfortable space to wind down, socialise and relax away from the crowds.

Our Welfare Area will also continue to offer quiet space to take some time out, have a cup of tea and offer additional support to those who may need it.

We’ll also be introducing more seating options outdoors generally around the site, in particular around the family and eating areas and along the lake.

4. Cups

Many of you raised our Sustainable Cup Deposit system, and how you were having to pay multiple charges across the weekend and felt the festival was profiting.

This year we will be improving the communication around this scheme: in theory it should mean there is a one-off deposit per person, and you can continue to exchange your cup throughout the weekend (so please do hold onto them!) 

It is proven to be the most environmentally-friendly way of running things, meaning we can incentivise the return of these to be washed and reused, rather than used once then binned. In 2021 we tried this with the cups being returned for their monetary deposit, but unfortunately this system was abused, with cups becoming currency and in a couple of instances being stolen from behind our bars.

So we will continue with the deposit system, but with any leftover deposits we will be launching a new Environmental Fund. This will directly invest into tangible measures to reduce the impact of the festival. We look forward to sharing at the end of the festival how much this total was, and the causes it will support!

5. Live-in Vehicle Facilities

In previous years, the general trend for vehicles in this area was typically campervans with built-in facilities. This has recently shifted towards more converted vans, which do require use of external showers and toilets, which regrettably there weren’t enough of in this campsite last year.

We have factored the trend change into our planning for 2023 and will have a new provision of showers.

We also have an added allocation of toilets in this campsite.

6. Toilets

In 2022 we committed to improving the toilets on site, and feel we made big improvements in this area, with vacuum toilets and additional cleaning teams.

However, we do hear the requests for compostable toilets which are the more environmentally-friendly option.

We are happy to confirm we will be introducing an allocation of these in the main campsite. Once again, we would appreciate further feedback on your preferences post-festival.

Thanks to everyone who helped shape this planning. We really value your input and together we can continue developing and helping make We Out Here the best experience it can be.

We’re looking forward to hearing more thoughts in the future!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of changes, and we have plenty more additions, features and experiences set to make this one our best event yet…Make sure you’re with us, secure your tickets here.

Love and Happiness,

All the We Out Here team

x x x x

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